Hospital Day!

I've laid in bed the past two mornings snuggling with Lexi for a half hour or so. Anyone with a 4 year old knows that snuggles can be rare, so take advantage of them when you can get them! I knew my big doctor's appointment was coming up in the afternoon, so while we were snuggling, I couldn't help but think that I won't get many more snuggles like this after I'm admitted to the hospital, so I squeezed her extra close! At my appointment the doctor advised me to get admitted to the hospital tomorrow (now today), I was a little shocked, but I can't say I didn't see it coming. I slept really good last night, probably because I knew it was going to be my last night in my own bed for a long time. Then the snuggles this morning with Lexi were extra special and extra tight, our cat even came over and laid down with us. I was hoping I had another week or so before getting admitted but my doctor is going on holidays this week and she wants to make sure that she's there when I get admitted so she can be sure that everyone knows what's going on with me. She also says the baby is big for her age (or gestation), so the bigger the baby is, the higher risk things are with my condition, so that's another reason to bring me in sooner.

Lexi knows what's happening, but she doesn't fully understand how long I'll be at the hospital for. This morning she asked me if I was coming straight back, when I told her I wouldn't be, she said she didn't want me to go. She's also asked me if she can stay overnight with me. Talk about pulling at the heart strings! She doesn't know that I'm going to miss her dance recital, she doesn't know that I won't be able to watch any more of her gymnastics or swimming lessons this season. I won't be able to sit around the bonfire with her in the evenings or watch her play on her trampoline and swings. Geez... I don't even think it's hit ME until now, I'm bawling as a write this! I was going to mention that I haven't broken down and cried in about two weeks, so I thought I was doing pretty good and staying strong, but who knew it would be this hard? I'm just realizing now that I won't even be home for Mother's Day! I'll be too "busy" on hospital bedrest, being a Mom! This is why we have a day for Mother's though, to acknowledge all the sacrifices we make and the many wonderful things that we do for our children.

I'm getting admitted around 6pm tonight, so I have all day to get my stuff packed and get things a little more organized for Gary for when I'm gone. We both contribute so much to running the household, so I want to do my best to make sure things go as smoothly as possible for them while I'm gone. When I say I have all day to get ready, it seems like a lot of time, but it's really not that much time at all!

Things we've learned about Vasa Previa:

Vasa Previa is so rare that it only occurs in 0.0006% of pregnancies. Mine is possibly caused by scar tissue and surgery from the previous pregnancy, however, we can't really know for sure. There are a couple different types of vasa previa, mine is likely type 2 because I have a bilobed placenta (it is in 2 parts). The larger part is on the front of the uterus and the smaller part is on the back, then there is connecting tissues between the two pieces that include the baby's blood vessels (similar to the vessels in the umbilical cord). The vessels are going right over the opening or cervix which could cause some major problems if I were to go into labour. An adult can lose up to a litre of blood and not even notice it, but if a baby loses even a little bit, it's not good. Since these vessels contain the baby's blood, if I were to go into labour and start dilating, or my water were to break, there is a huge chance that these vessels could tear, leaving less than 5 minutes for them to get the baby out safely.

After my OB first found out about my Vasa Previa, she sent me for an ultrasound at another hospital that has doctors on duty to deal with high risk pregnancies (perinatologists). After a more thorough ultrasound, we spoke with the perinatologist right away who explained all of this information to us. He also explained a plan similar to the one that the OB explained to us the week prior. Basically, he said I'll be admitted early and will deliver via c-section no later than 35 weeks. He said I could discuss with my OB when I would get admitted. So my next appointment was May 10th, but her office called me right after they received the ultrasound results and wanted to see me ASAP. That's when I kind of had an idea I'd be admitted sooner than we had originally discussed. Plus, that's just the way this pregnancy has been going. I'm also thinking she wants me in a little sooner than originally discussed because I am almost an hour away from the hospital. So the sooner I can get in and be closer to the professionals, the better! We also tentatively planned a c-section for June 2nd, which is kind of a cool day because it's my grandfather's birthday, my twin cousin's birthdays, and it's Lexi's half birthday!

I feel very comfortable with their plan and very optimistic that things will work out. Even though it's not the ideal outcome, we have a plan and that's way better than not knowing anything. Being almost an hour away from home will be very tough, my husband will visit me everyday after work, and my Mom and Lexi will visit whenever they can, I'll probably get the most visits from them on the weekends though. So if anyone else is in the Edmonton area and wants to stop by for a visit, message or text me any time to make arrangements. Visiting hours are pretty open (9am-9pm I believe), and I take a medium Timmy's earl grey tea with 2 milk and 1 honey 😉 haha!


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